Ever Wonder What That Quiet Kid Thinks?

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Weird Kid

Hello….. as you may not know or read im Victor Roman and well nothing new or unusual happened today at school or in my brain so I will just write what I am thinking right now.

 Well at school during lunch a couple of friends and I were just hanging out like always talking back and forth to each other. I’m normally quiet, if you havent noticed haha, so I was in the back sort of listening more than talking until the subject got throw to me which was weird……for me. I used to talk a lot I used to be popular I was a real funny kid that all changed but I don’t care what people really think about me honestly im happy they way I am.

I had no idea what to do so I went back to what I used to do and joked around ha for once I felt good every one was laughing and I felt good about myself being the center of attention for once, but then again if I was accepted by my peers or not I really wouldn’t have cared. Well after that I just so happened to hear my friend talking to his new girlfriend telling him how weird I was, but yet he defended me saying he was weird to and that there was really nothing wrong with it. I really wasnt expecting this since me and him never really hang out since our friendship started breaking apart. It made me wonder will I met as good as friends as I have had in high school in college? Well who knows………